Kristi Huynh

Xin chào. Kristi is a 21 year old INFJ from Los Angeles. She's currently studying graphic design at VCUarts. Kristi bridges design with her Vietnamese-Buddhist background. Wanna see more? Wanna chat?

Water Study

9.5" x 12.5". 60 pages. Coptic stitched. Hardcover. An iteration of a translation of Kristi's psychic reading from 1997. This book is a study of different forms of water, which is Kristi's Chinese element.

Crash and Burn

8.5” x 11”. 500 pages. Perfect bound. Kristi’s parents took her to a psychic shortly after she was born in 1997. This book paints both this psychic reading and a spectulative design. This speculative design is a society where people do not take their psychic readings lightly. Orange text represents the author’s voice. Black text represents the psychic’s voice.


8mm. An extension of Kristi's book, Crash and Burn.

Phỏng Vấn Với Em Luz

6.5” x 138”. 32 pages. Hardcover. This accordion-fold book reflects Luz’s identity crisis growing up, being raised by an adopted Vietnamese father and a Filipinx mother. English translations of pivotal quotes run down the middle of the accordion, dividing the interviewer from the interviewee and Luz’s Filipinx heritage from her Vietnamese heritage.

Kính Vạn Hoa

Left: 5" x 7". 42 pages. This flipbook is an interpretation of Kaleidoscope by Thích Nhat Hanh. Kaleidoscope explains birth and death as a cycle, instead of as a beginning and an end. Birth and death can be compared to the manifestion and disappearance of images in a kaleidoscope. An image disappears, but always gives way to the next. One image cannot exist without its predecessor. This flipbook utilizes this analogy by using personal family portraits on transparent sheets. In a flipbook with seemingly no beginning and end, each portrait begins to mesh into one another, forming one whole. Right: 8.5” x 5.5”. 22 pages. Perfect bound. A Viet translation of Kaleidoscope by Thích Nhat Hanh.

Dear Kristy,

9.5" x 12.5". 40 pages. Coptic stitched. “After my birth, my parents wrote my name as ‘Kristi’ on my birth certificate. But 21 years ago, my parents’ English wasn’t perfect. They raised me to write my name as ‘Kristy.’ Those I met before 2017 and my family members always referred to me as ‘Kristy.’ ‘Kristy’ was on every form. Every application. Every account. Not to inconvenience my future self, I reverted to my legal name when I moved from LA to Seattle. Kristi took the place of Kristy. The persona of Kristy grew herself to become Kristi. Not everyone from Kristy’s life are present in that of Kristi’s. Not all of Kristy’s traits are present in Kristi. But some memorabilia from Kristy’s lifetime have made it into Kristi’s life." Dear Kristy, is an immersive altar and catalog commemorating some of these memorabilia.


5" x 7". 200 pages. Animated flipbook. @handpxrn

Mini book

4” X 4”. 22 pages. Saddle stitched. Bound and drawn with Kristi’s hair. This mini book fits in the palm of your hands. It recreates the fleeting moments of Saigon during the Viet Nam war.

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