Kristi Huynh

Kristi Huynh‘s design work is informed by deep research, found objects, archiving, and a sensitivity to materiality. Want to see more? Want to chat? Currently at: 

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Viet birth chart

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Mold Repast

Lede images for MOLD's Repast series, which tells the stories of cooks, designers and scientists throughout history to help us design better food futures.

Phuoc Loc Tho

A collaboration with Soulvenir


Viet Archive: A Visual Analysis

A reading nook/book for a visual analysis and exploration of Viet Archive.

︎4’ x 4’ x 5’,  chiffon
︎6” x 9”, 226 pages, edition of 15, perfect bound, each edition comes with a photo protected by a PVC jacket

Viet Archive

Viet Archive is a growing photograph-based archive of Vietnamese life and traditions.

︎Digitization, sourcing, + archiving of old photographs from Viet families, curation of collections within archive, web design, C6 mailers for the archive’s contributors



A short book about how hands inform spaces and photographs.

︎6" x 9”, 34 pages, spiral bound, grey paper + transparency paper, embroidered PVC pouch, laser-cut acrylic charm