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Viet Archive
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Phuoc Loc Tho

A collaboration with Soulvenir

Mold Repast

Lede images for MOLD's Repast series, which tells the stories of cooks, designers and scientists throughout history to help us design better food futures.

Viet Archive: A Visual Analysis

A reading nook/book for a visual analysis and exploration of Viet Archive.
︎4’ x 4’ x 5’,  chiffon
︎6” x 9”, 226 pages, edition of 15, perfect bound, each edition comes with a photo protected by a PVC jacket

Viet Archive

Viet Archive is a growing photograph-based archive of Vietnamese life and traditions.
︎Digitization, sourcing, + archiving of old photographs from Viet families, curation of collections within archive, web design, C6 mailers for the archive’s contributors


A short book about how hands inform spaces and photographs.
︎6" x 9”, 34 pages, spiral bound, grey paper + transparency paper, embroidered PVC pouch, laser-cut acrylic charm