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Kristi Huynh‘s design work is informed by deep research, found objects, archiving, and a sensitivity to materiality. Want to see more? Want to chat? Currently at: 

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How To Mark a Book

How to Mark a Book argues that to truly absorb a book, readers must make their marks through folding, writing, highlighting, etc. Readers coat their hands with pigment prior to handling an edition. Foldouts and placement of blind letterpress impressions encourage a tactile reading experience. As readers navigate an edition, their interactions are recorded through fingerprints and residue. Once Ed. 01 was marked and scanned, its marks became permanent within the pages of Ed. 02. This process was repeated once again with its transformation and iteration informing Ed. 03, and so on. Through degradation and darkening from overlapping fingerprints and repeated scanning, each edition informs its future readers of its past readers. The collection eventually shifts in translation from how to truly read, into a growing record of marks that exist formally and digitally.

︎Editions 01–05, 5.5" x 8.5", 160 pages, perfect bound, blind letterpress impressions